The room in the house is where you live, rest, and enjoy free time. The right color will make your home an oasis for a thirsty soul and restore energy. Here are 10 colors that are suitable for Small Room to Looks Large.

  1. Blue sea (blue navy)


Blue, white and yellow alloys like this we like very much. Sometimes the end result of certain colors can be surprising and fascinate us.

  1. Blue green wall (turquoise)


The wall accent refers to the staining technique of one or two walls of a different color than others. The goal is to create visual separation, or point of interest.

  1. Red light


The bright red color ignites aggressiveness and energy. We recommend that you integrate it with furniture and white trimmings to create contrast.

  1. Crem (beige) and wood texture


The best way to bring dimensions to narrow walls is the use of textures. A blend of natural cream and wooden finish walls invites a warm impression.

  1. Decoration on white walls


In order not to be boring, decorate your white walls with wall stickers or minimalist mural. This trick can make the room more beautiful and alive despite its limited breadth.

  1. Gray and white


Perennial gray and white alloys are always successful for both modern and classical styles. The use of furniture and walls as in the picture above will produce a dazzling visual. Therefore, the room will appear more spacious.

  1. Green lemon (lime green)


If you live in a warm-tempered area and your room is bright with natural light, use the lemon green color as a tropical touch.

  1. White on white


If you like white, we recommend bringing a monochrome feel. The effect that can be obtained is a very bright room, but soft and looks spacious

  1. Red wine


Red wine is a wonderful color alternative as a wall accent. The room in this picture looks elegant and carefully laid out with neutral furniture.

  1. Pastel colors


The last one is the pastel green blue color as a wall color option for the narrow room. Using the same ornament with wall color is a smart trick to beautify and cause roomy effect.

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