The house that is complete with wall hangings will look more attractive than the house with a plain wall. Build a home atmosphere not only from choosing the furniture you use, but also through wall decoration. Here are 10 Beautiful Creative Wall Decorations.

  1. Wall Decoration of CD Pieces


Have lots of CDs (Compact Disk) that accumulate? You can use CD pieces as wall hangings. Moreover, thin strips made of aluminum can reflect a beautiful color when exposed to light.

  1. Glow in the Dark sticker


This type of sticker is widely used as wall decoration children’s room. But, that does not mean adults can not wear glow in the dark in his room really.

  1. Maximize Your Tissue Toilet Rolls So Wall Decoration


One of the ingredients for the creation of wall decoration is the roll of toilet tissue. With a little creativity, the scrolls can you put together into a wall hanging that is cost-effective and cool!

  1. Create Bottle Caps So Your Wall Decoration


By compiling it, this bottle cap can bring a classic atmosphere in your room. To add to the impression of a more interesting creations, you can use bottle caps from various brands.

  1. Creative Wall Hanging with 3 Dimension Origami


You can easily find instructions on how to create origami on the Internet. Starting from the shape of butterflies, or hearts.

  1. Wall Decoration Can Also Wear Wallpaper from Furing Fabrics


Are you a fan of wall hangings from wallpapers? There is a cheaper way you know! You can use a patterned furing cloth as wall hangings in the room.

  1. Wall Hanging with Poster or Used Magazine


Check out the pile of magazines you have. You can decorate the walls of the room by sticking a page that you think is artistic. Scissor neatly then paste on the room wall.

  1. Wall Hanging from Creative Photo Frame


If you prefer wall decoration from picture frames, you can make wall hangings in the form of a collage of photo frames in your room.

  1. Ever Thinking Plate Eating Can Be Wall Hanging?


You can use dishes with antique motifs. So that you do not spend much on this plate, you can use old plates or look for them in secondhand stores.

  1. Wallpaper Too Expensive? Try Decorating the Wall with Wall Sticker


Choose a wall sticker with certain images and themes that match the concept of the room to describe your personality.

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