Children are born with a natural appreciation for the magic that flows through nature. But nowadays they seem to spend most of their time in the man-made rather than the natural world. Luring the little ones away from their TV screens and into the glorious outdoors can often prove a little tricky. Studies show that children who spend a lot of time in front of screens rather than interacting with people are worse at communicating and have lower attention spans. Gardening is a very healthy activity that teaches kids about healthy living, eating organic and getting close to nature. Besides being fun and educational, it can help your kid develop a sensory experience which will help them to connect with the world.

Plastic Planter

Gardening activities for kids 1

Source : eHow

Inspire creativity by looking at plastic containers around the house in a different way. Take a trip to the local nursery and really look at the variety of plants available.

Earthworm Hotel

Earthworms effectively recycle nutrients from rotting material. Create a worm hotel with your children as an education on the function of worms for soil and plants.

Egg Carton Greenhouses

Cartoon eggs can be a mini-greenhouse for kids. This is a clever way to teach them how to plant from seeds. Choose brightly colored flowers or fruits to attract children.

Bird Feeder

Gardening activities for kids 4

Source : Willow Bank

Calling a furry little friend to come with a bird feeder. You can use plastic bottles or milk cartons to make them with children.

Garden Markers

Any kid old enough to hold a paintbrush can help with this sweet gardening project: creating painted garden markers from stones. All you need are rocks, paint and a sense of humor


What could be better than an outdoor project that serves an important function in the garden, but also provides hours of fun for little ones?Make a homemade sprinkler using a plastic bottle, some tape and a drill. You can add the color by letting your kids to paint it.

Boot Planter

Gardening activities for kids 7

Source : Rosina Huber

Change your child’s old rain boots into a garden. We guarantee they will be happy with it.

Cute Hairy Friend

Gardening activities for kids 8

Source : Kids Spot

Children are very happy to see something grow and take care for it. Make this hairy friend from the grass and let the children take care of it without having to be afraid of the caterpillar.

Shoe Box Maze

This experiment is a fun and easy way to see the effects of phototropism on a plant by making it complete your own maze. In about 4 or 5 days open the box and notice how the plant grows in the direction of the light coming from the hole.

Living Tepee

Gardening activities for kids 10

Source : Kibi

Win coolest parent award by making this tepee. This is an easy and beautiful way to get kids to play outside. Invite their friends and have a small garden party for them.

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