In decorating your outdoor the aesthetic and the function is important to be considered. As well as grass, pebbles are also nice to beautify your outdoor. The natural color and the particle size are so beautiful to be organized with nice shapes. Moreover, it’s also good to absorb the water when it rains so that the existence of pebbles outdoor is useful for the natural balance. Now, let’s check the shape ideas to beautify your outdoor!

Hearty Pebbles with Three Colors

1. hearty

Source : Pinterest

Three layered colors of heart-shaped is the first idea that might inspire you in decorating your outdoor.

Water Flows

2. flows

Source : Pinterest

Placing a jug with pebbles like spilled water that flows is very unique and interesting. The theme of this idea is about nature.

Crown Shape

3. crown

Source : Pinterest

The combination of brown and white pebbles can be shaped like a crown. This shape is fit with the palm plants on both sides.

Rounded Purple Pebbles

4. purple peebles

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The easiest shape to make is round. Applying bright purple to the pebbles will make it looks more beautiful.

Wavy Shape

5. wavy shape

Source : Pinterest

The particle size of pebbles and green grass can be a perfect combination to create a wavy shape for your outdoor.

Two Layered

6. layeed peebles

Source : Pinterest

You can also create two layered pebbles arround the plants to beautify your outdoor, especially for the small yard. It’s simple, but the existence of the pebbles are significant in beautifying your outdoor instead.

Art Pebbles for Your Outdoor

7. art

Source : Pinterest

It can be stated that art is everywhere, even you can apply art for your outdoor in organizing the pebbles to be a unique shape.

Yin Yang Shape

8. ying yang peeble

Source : Pintereste

Yin and Yang is a Chinese philosophy with rounded shape in two colors that very nice to inspire you in beautifying your outdoor. Actually, you only need black and white pebbles to create this idea, yet you can also add some other colors arround to make it looks nicer.

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