Gardening is a good thing for the soul, it can bring you closer to nature and give you a different relaxation experience. Start thinking about the vegetable garden in your yard. It produce fresh food that you can enjoy at the dinner table with the family. You can create a neat and beautiful veggies garden that will help beautify your yard and make you more comfortable to take care of it.

Stack It Up

Vegetable garden 1

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If you have a narrow field one of the solutions is to make vertical planting. Just stack your box and you can plant herbs and spices on your little corner.

The Buffer

Vegetable garden 2

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Some vegetable plants needs a little extra support. Make this pyramid-shaped buffer for the crop. You can use wire or jute as a binder.

Rocking Landscape

Vegetable garden 3

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In order to enjoy your garden, it’s important that it feels like a nice place. Use landscaping rocks around the edges and plant flowers in the corners. Using rocks also makes it easier for you to change the landscape someday, you can easily move it according to the new landscape you want.


Vegetable garden 4

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If your garden is large, you need to walk in between your rows of plants. You have to install a path between your veggies. You can use stepping stones, gravel or even planks of wood to create a pathway that will keep you safely off the sprouts. If you want to add a personal touch, you can make your own stepping stone. There are many DIY stepping stone tutorials out there, choose the one you want.


Vegetable garden 5

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Make a pergola or arbor or anything that can beautify your garden as well as a place to grow your vine vegetables.

Vertical Garden

Vegetable garden 6

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Small space is not an obstacle for you to grow your own vegetables. Create a vertical garden by using a used palette. This does not spend a lot of space and easy in the making.

Fence It

Vegetable garden 7

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Worried about animals or pets disturbing your vegetables garden? Put up a fence around it that will keep those leafy greens safe from so many pests. Now you can sleep well knowing you don’t have to worry about those deer anymore.

Garden Markers

Vegetable garden 8

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By making a plant marker of course make you easier to remember and recognize what plants you have planted. There are many park marker options, but you can also create your own. The thing you need to remember is to make sure it is not damaged or erased when exposed to water.

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