When people think of chic shabby lighting, they think of white and pastel, candles, bulbs, flowers and chandeliers. This lighting gives a romantic and intimate impression into a space. As a decorating theme of outdoor settings, the chic shabby appearance is the perfect combination of vintage elements and creativity.

Hoop Chandelier

Shabby chic lighting 1

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This hanging lamp is easy to make and looks simple. But it’s simplicity that makes this lamp look amazing. With a hoop and fairy light plus leaf accents, this is perfect to illuminate on your garden.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Shabby chic lighting 2

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We really love mason jar. This versatile material you can use as a pendant on your garden.

Bird Cage Lantern

Shabby chic lighting 3

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A smart way to repurposed a bird cage is to use it as a lamp. You can put a candle, or wrap a string of light on it. Placed or hanged, it will still be a beautiful light fixture in your garden.

Coloured Ribbon Hanging Lanterns

Shabby chic lighting 4

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Hanging small lanterns with colored ribbons is certainly a brilliant idea to create lighting as well as decor for your garden. To support the idea of shabby chic garden, you can use pastel colored ribbon or white colored ribbon. It will stand out in the dark.

Vintage Lantern

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Rustic and shabby are side by side and complementary. It can be seen in this distressed lantern. The top has a tin accent piece that has a rusty grayish coating and it is shaped like a glass window and has lime that is pressed on top of a dark gray trim and has a glass insert. A perfect blend of shabby chic and vintage.

Flowery Hanging Lamp

Shabby chic lighting 6

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Flowers and pastel colored ribbons, what is more shabby chic than this? You can modify it with a bulb or a string lamp as the source of the light.

Filament Bulb

Shabby chic lighting 7

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A shabby chic garden often blends nature and vintage elements seamlessly and here is the evidence. The garden itself provides the natural ambiance as the tungsten filament bulb (a vintage element in the face of LED lighting solutions) provides balance and illumination.

String Light Curtain

Shabby chic lighting 8

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A seemingly enchanted tree portraying the very essence of romance in your shabby chic garden compliments the dinner night set up. This outdoor lighting shouts romantic date night from a distance. Heighten the enchantment by keeping other areas of your shabby chic garden relatively darker.

Under My Umbrella

Shabby chic lighting 9

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With shabby chic gardens and their lighting patterns based off of DIY projects, it is very normal to see umbrellas reused as outdoor lighting in a shabby chic garden. Vintage properties, antique materials and old unused attributes of the home can be reused to create a unique lighting solution in your home.

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