Bricks are great. Recycled bricks are even better! They come with a sense of history and a beautiful texture that can add personality and character to any space. There are a several ways to reuse old bricks. They are used in house decoration, but using bricks in the garden is possible, too. Today, brick and stone still play an integral part in building, decorating and landscaping design.

Garden Fence

Using old brick as a fence can give a classic impression to your garden. The black wrought iron door reinforce the classic elegance of the overall appearance.

Flower Bed

Display a collection of beautiful flowers in your garden with old bricks. Moreover to adding the beauty, it also serves as a barrier between the grass and your flower plot.

Brick Edging

Garden edging can play an important role in your landscape design plan to improve your property’s overall curb appeal. Edging comes down to simply separating two distinct areas and add some texture in your garden.

Another technique to edging your garden with brick is called Diagonal Inlaid Edging or Sawtooth Edging.  The bricks are placed in a diagonal upright position that gives the border some height.

Garden Faucet

Why not make your outdoor faucet fancier? This is a smart way to cover your water pipe installation while making it more sturdy.

Water Feature

This beautiful waterfall is easy to make. Water featured brings freshness into your garden and adds to the sound of nature by its splutter.

Garden Pathway

Use old bricks to create a walking path through your flower garden, or anywhere you want to add a bit of rustic décor. There are various examples of pathways on the internet, choose the one that suits with your garden.

Fire Pit

A nice fire pit will certainly add to the ambiance of your garden and come useful to gather your friends for having a barbeque.

Garden Art

Let the kids help you paint your bricks. You can use a combination of colors, make it rainbow like, or stick with colors that best complement your house. Add some motivational quotes or words and you’re all set.

Bird Bath

Calling your feather friends into your garden with this bird bath. Stack the bricks on top of each other, in whatever height or width you want and add a clay saucers filled with rocks at the top of it.

Plants Marker

Whether you’re planning an herb garden or need your flower bed spruced up, these garden markers made from bricks are perfect, and they’re really easy. You literally just take a Sharpie and write on the bricks what you need them to say.

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