What should a spring table look like? Of course bright and fresh! Bring a touch of spring to your home décor; make it fresh with fresh spring flowers, plants or even moss, take plants according to the interior décor colors. Amazing spring colorful flowers would enliven your place settings, centerpieces, and favors. Here are some ideas for a spring décor of your dinning area.

Hydrangea Inspired


These white hydrangea flowers can be placed on the dining table as the best decoration that can be used when spring arrives. Get this flower in the backyard garden, you can move it using some of the vases you have at home, use the right planting medium such as soil or clean water. White Hydrangea Decor from @inspired.tables


Hydrangea is a spring flower that inspires this table setting. All the plates have some detail around the edges that bring them together, even though the pattern is different. Alternating the blue and white colors in each layer really makes the color scheme stand out. A small hydrangea flowers become a beautiful finale touch. Elegant Hydrangea Table Setting from @chrissohar


A different atmosphere for enjoying lunch or dinner can be easily obtained when you place a set dining table outdoors. Since spring is the perfect time to put it to good use, hydrangeas are a type of flower that can be used as a centerpiece decoration. Outdoor Hydrangea Table Decor from @notallbeige


If you have a tiered tray then just use it as a colorful spring table setting decoration. Tiered trays can be used to apply hydrangea flowers that bloom beautifully. Other types of flowers can also be placed in this dining table area. Tiered Tray Hydrangea Display from @catherinendallcreative

Bright and Clear


The table was set using simple white dishes, vintage linens, glass bottles and a lace table runner deliver a rustic look. The gold candles lighting becomes a sweet accent for the whole setting. White Color Scheme from @jessandkarlhome


Welcome spring this time by setting the dining table using colorful accessories, combining various types of bright colors on one table will make the table look more cheerful. Table setting which is dominated by floral motifs is an easy way to present a cheerful look on dining table. Fun Look Spring Table Setting from @ivoryandnoire


Another way you can do to welcome spring is to use a centerpiece, the selection of tiered and accessories in it is very important to create a cheerful atmosphere. Use a bright appearance by combining light blue and white, a combination of these two colors will produce a bright table appearance. You can also add fresh fruit to add to the look of a bright table setting. Bright Tiered Display Centerpiece from @olyamorozova2178


A luxurious look to support an elegant and cheerful table setting using a glass flower vase applied as a centerpiece is the right step. Don’t hesitate to use some of these glass flower vases which are complete with a choice of flowers that have bright colors in them to make the table look more cheerful. Glass Flower Vases Centerpiece from @luna_floral_design

Spring Garden


These blooming flowers, which come in a variety of different colors, are a spring decoration that can be used as a dining table setting this year. This blooming flower comes with a choice of orange, blue, yellow and red so that it looks more contrasting and colorful. Colorful Blooming Flower Centerpiece from @casadeperrin


The dominance of green on your dining table decoration emphasizes the touch of the garden instantly. This placemat with the shape of green leaves emphasizes the theme of the garden, the floral tablecloth is a combination of patterns and colors that really catches the eye. Green Touch Color Table Setting from @addictedtochina


This table setting embraces everything that is in the spring garden. Green color for leaf buds, pink accents for blooming flowers and white flowers that symbolize a new life. The use of this shiny green glass adds a pleasant atmosphere to the dining table. Greenery Vases Centerpiece from @ana.home16

Romantic Flower Decor


Purple is a soft and calming spring color. This table setting with a purple palette is suitable for a romantic dinner especially supported by small candles. Pastel Color Flower Centerpiece from @rosannafalconer


The purple nuance in this dining table decoration is the right arrangement that you can try when spring arrives. This purple color can be tried into the tablecloth and some natural flower decorations that can be found in the backyard garden. Purple Themed Decor from @suzannezinggstyle


Pink and green are a mix of colors that can be applied to the use of greenery and blooming flowers which are dominated by bright pink. Some ornaments like bunnies and Easter eggs are the finishing touches that you can use too. Pink and Green Dining Table Setting from @addictedtochina


If you have vases of all different sizes then you can use them as a springtime centerpiece decoration that can never fail. Just use flowers of different types and colors to make it more colorful. Mini Flower Vases from @interioroverdose



Pink and blue pastels are a color combination that can be applied to spring dining table decorations. Cover the dining table with a tablecloth that has a plaid pattern with a mix of pink and white. Green plants and blooming flowers make a suitable centerpiece idea. Spring Pastel Dining Table Decor from @thecuratedcoupe


Easter eggs repainted in pastel colors are an important part that you can try to decorate the spring dinner table. This rabbit ornament is an additional decoration that you can try, also add green plants for additional natural color. Easter Egg Decoration from @dining_delight


Contemporary nuances can be obtained for decorating the spring dining table setting. Flower vases and candle lighting are quite the decoration of the whole table, you can try it now for a new look that will never fail. Contemporary Spring Dining Table Decor from @interior_by_helena

Candle Table Setting


Candles are an added centerpiece decoration that can be used for this year’s spring dinner table. This will be an addition to the room lighting that can give a warm and more inviting feel. Candle Centerpiece Design from @oakenhome


To emphasize the spring theme in setting your dining table, greenery is a smart idea that you can try in the centerpiece area. That’s not enough, you can also use candles as an additional decoration that will work well when the room is getting dark. Candle and Greenery Decoration from @new_spouse_new_house


Pillar candles, which come in a variety of different sizes, are the best ideas you can try for a warm welcome on your dining table decoration. This mini flower vase with transparent glass material is a natural decoration that allows the atmosphere around it to be fresher. Dining Table Setting Candle Pillars from @interior_by_helena



An easy way to ignite your spring spirit is to use a yellow palette. We love the combination of bright yellow lemons and daffodils in this sunny scene. Now they just need a batch of Lemon Tea Cupcakes. Yellow Lemons from @prettythings.charlotte


Use different accessories for table setting this spring by using yellow lemons, you don’t need to provide a container for these yellow lemons because you can just put them on the table. You can also pair these yellow lemons with flowers placed in a glass vase aligned with the yellow lemons in the center of the table, which makes these two elements a nice centerpiece for spring. Yellow Lemons and Flower Centerpiece from @table.centric


To get a festive look on the table, you can use natural ornaments, namely yellow lemons. Yes, you can use yellow lemons for table setting to make it look more festive, the bright color will add a cheerful impression on the table. You can put yellow lemons on the plate that will be used, apart from adding a festive impression, this can also welcome spring. Festive Look Yellow Lemons Table Setting from @dining_delight

Back To Nature


Green plants, moss and mini flowers are blooming into a perfect mix of dining table decorations for spring this year. Just arrange it and set it up as a centerpiece decoration. Get all these natural materials in the backyard garden. Natural Material Table Decoration from @katherinneribeiro

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