There are times when you will be bored with the appearance of your living room. You want to renovate the room, but the budget is not there yet.

  1. Artwork


Nor the painting is your own work, it can be from auction, or investment, never underestimate the positive impact of a work of art. Beautiful colors can enhance the life of your living room.

2.Extremely elegant


The elegant Crown molding can add an elegant feel to your living room. Put it on opposite sides in your living room.

  1. Decorate with green plants


Of course with green plants, the living room will feel more fresh and certainly more comfortable, also look beautiful.

  1. Carpet


Find a carpet that matches the furniture or the color of your living room wall. If your living room is plain, look for a patterned carpet.

  1. Mirror


Attach a large mirror over the wall, better still if its position close to the window, to maximize the light radiation in the room. This illusion will make the room feel more spacious.

  1. Black and White


Monochrome minimalist design will always look elegant. Not only elegant, but this aesthetic can cover the tangles and look more tidy.

  1. Spot that reflects you


Make a shelf that contains your favorite items or items that reflect your style. You will be happy every time you see the spot.

  1. Reuse items that have long been unused


Use your handicraft capability to recreate old stuff new again.

  1. Make sure the room is always clean


Certainly a clean room will feel more comfortable and neat. In order to look luxurious and healthy for sure.

  1. Wall Paint


Instant transformation can be obtained by repainting the walls of your living room. Find a color that is a trend or any color that makes you happy. This way can make your room more beautiful.

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