There are times when you will be bored with the appearance of your living room. You want to renovate the room, but the budget is not there yet.

  1. Artwork



Don’t let the walls of the room look empty, fill them with some paintings to create the appearance of a living room that has high artistic value. In order for the living room to be more dramatic, you should repaint your walls with dark paint, so that the paintings you install will look more contrasting with the walls. Painting with a Different Theme from @milacarlsson


If you don’t want to be too busy with decorating the living room, try simply using paintings with large canvas media. Install it on the empty living room wall, and your living room will become more artistic with just this large painting. Painting Canvas Wall Decor from @altbau.zweiundzwanzig


Nor the painting is your own work, it can be from auction, or investment, never underestimate the positive impact of a work of art. Beautiful colors can enhance the life of your living room. Abstract Painting from @theinvisiblecollection

2.Extremely elegant



Change the old look of your living room with a more modern architectural look. Yes, you can add unique ornaments that seem modern on several sides of the living room, for example you can hang a uniquely shaped pillar in the corner of the living room. Modern Architecture Living Room from @one.interior.mag


Just using a simple interior can make your old living room look more modern. Yes, you can use all-white furniture to make your living room look more natural so it will never go out of style. Elegant Neutral Living Room from @miiays


The elegant molding wall can add an elegant feel to your living room. Put it on opposite sides in your living room. Textured Molding Wall Decor from @dreamhouse_and_life

  1. Decorate with green plants



Of course with green plants, the living room will feel more fresh and certainly more comfortable, also look beautiful. Place it at several different points. Indoor Greenery from @thesoothconceptdxb


Bring natural freshness every time to the living room by adding green plants into the room. Use various vases filled with various types of plants with easy maintenance and place them in every corner of the living room. Nature Vibes Living Room from @athomewithfiddleleaffigs


Not only with plants placed on the floor, you can also use hanging pots to grow green plants. To make it feel more natural, you can also use vines that will spread across the walls of your living room. Hanging Greenery Decoration from @mashtalgardencenters


If you don’t like plants that are too dense for living room decoration, try using a pot with a slightly larger size. You can fill this pot with one plant that can grow big, such as a palm tree. You can program this palm tree so that it is not too big so it is suitable for indoor decoration. Floor Pots Decoration from @decospace.de

  1. Carpet


To provide a sense of comfort in the living room there is nothing wrong if you use a carpet in the sitting area. A fur rug is an idea that you can try, a rug with soft fur will make the sitting area in the living room comfortable and warm. Furry Carpet Design from @minimalistics.designs


To create a feeling of comfort and safety in the sitting area in the living room, try installing a textured rug. Yes, by covering the floor using a textured carpet will reduce the slippery in the living room, so you won’t be able to slip and will feel more comfortable and safe when doing activities. Textured Carpet Ideas from @lisas.pretty.things


Find a carpet that matches the furniture or the color of your living room wall. If your living room is plain, look for a patterned carpet. Striped Carpet Pattern> from @und_anne_so_yeah

  1. Mirror



Attach a large mirror over the wall, better still if its position close to the window, to maximize the light radiation in the room. This illusion will make the room feel more spacious. Standing Mirror from @home_of_harris


. Round Shaped Wall Mirror from @farmtotablecreations


. Arched Mirror Design from @bethany.homeinterior


. Statement Mirror Design from @altbau.zweiundzwanzig

  1. Black and White



Monochrome minimalist design will always look elegant. Not only elegant, but this aesthetic can cover the tangles and look more tidy. Monochromatic Living Room from @sabinas_monochrome_home

  1. Fireplace Living Room



. Frame Fireplace Design from @homeatspringbank


. Modern Textured Fireplace from @rigby.residence


. Red Brick Fireplace from @chloe_countryhomerenovation

  1. Reuse items that have long been unused



. Built-in Wall Bookshelves from @myperiodhomestyle


. DIY Wooden Bookshelves from @hiltoncarter


. Cabinet Bookshelves from @magda_78_

  1. Make sure the room is always clean



Certainly a clean room will feel more comfortable and neat. In order to look luxurious and healthy for sure. Clean Scandinavian Living Room from @spetilek


. Sleek Living Room Ideas from @mathildasinterior


. Clean Open Space Room from @hygge_by_kate

  1. Wall Paint



. Gray Wall Paint from @ellcedesigns


Instant transformation can be obtained by repainting the walls of your living room. Find a color that is a trend or any color that makes you happy. This way can make your room more beautiful. White Wall Paint from @shayadamsdesign


. Pastel Color Wall Paint from @the_flat_that_rosie_built

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