Minimalist bedroom is not only related to the size that is not too big but also related beauty, neatness, and accessories supporters. The addition of furniture and accessories is possible in your bedroom. Here are the reviews.

  1. Cabinet


This one piece of furniture is a must have in a bedroom. In it can be stored clothes or personal items.

  1. Desk and Chair


Minimalist bed can also be decorated with furniture in the form of tables and chairs. The table in question is a desk for learning purposes.

  1. Books


The addition of a bookcase will further enhance the dwelling of your bed. You can put reading in the place such as books, vintage comic books, magazines or newspapers.

  1. Mirror


Not much different from the closet, the mirror is also needed in your bedroom. No need to go to another room to look for a mirror to decorate or mirror, just in your own private room. Mirrors can be combined with decorative tables and seats.

  1. Glass for Lighting


Your minimalist bed requires lighting from the outside. Natural light can you menyasati by adding glass on the bedroom window.

  1. Painting


The addition of bed accessories in the form of painting is very important. You can place paintings on the wall near the mattress or on any wall that is easily visible to you.

7.Family Photos


Fotor yourself as well as your family can be an option when adding bedroom accessories. You can see yourself in photos displayed with attractive frames.



Minimalist bed wall not only can be painted with bright colors but also can be added accessories in the form of wallpaper that will make your bedroom more dynamic.

9.Study Lamp


At night the learning lights are usually necessary in your bedroom. These lights usually only highlight specific areas that will make you learn more focus.

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