Flower arranging is so easy to make. You can simply pick some beautiful flowers and put them in a vase. But you need to consider some tips below to be a florist on your own. First of all, consider adding big flowers. It often looks best bundled together in small, low vases. If you want to add long stems that are so chic and popular nowadays, you can accentuate them by allowing them to arch out of a thin, trumpet vase. In the floral arrangement, vases are also something that you should consider. So check out these 9 unique vases ideas to put your floral arrangement below to inspire you.

1. Teacup vases

Teacup vases


A small floral arrangement can give a big difference to your space. You can simply fill teacups with rosebud blooms for a dainty table decoration.

2. ‘Fluttering’ Butterfly Display

'fluttering' butterfly display


Pick some fresh baby’s wreath, put it on a mason jar and add some butterfly stickers to add a whimsical look.

3. Rustic Watering Can

Give your old watering can a new life by using it as a pot to display your flower that is perfect for your farmhouse decor.

4. Citrus Lined Vase

You can also customize your vase by adding slices of citrus, lime or orange to your vase.

5. Vintage Milk Bottles

This arrangement gets its charm from vintage milk bottles tied together with gardener’s twine.

6. Pitcher Arrangement

Put your freshly picked floral in a pitcher with a bold pattern to really make them pop.

 7. Simple Spool Centerpiece

A fresh ranunculus flower, wooden spools, and done.

8. Spring-Inspired Straw Vase

Line a tin can with pretty party straws as your adorable vase for your floral arrangement.

9. DIY Tulip Cabbage Arrangement

Once you’re finished with the cabbage vase, you can simply toss it in your compost pile.

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