Here are some tips for you before making a garden landscape for your own. First of all, Get a tarp to move lightweight bulky debris; leaves, weeds and brush. To keep the material from sinking into the soil, use gravel. Instead of buying plastic or metal edging, create an edge using a natural edge. Don’t forget to use a starter fertilizer when you start planting. Now if you are ready to make your own garden landscape, check out these 10 Asian-inspired landscape design ideas to inspire you below.

1. Gateway to Relaxation

The gate draws the eye through to frame the rear yard and entice one to enter. If you are on a budget to make the gate, you can simply tuck an arbor gate into the landscape, which will draw you into the garden to discover what lies ahead.

2. Japanese-Style Garden

This Japanese-style garden has a tatami room and a sunken dining area with red cushion, paper lantern and a vase.

3. Garden with Curved Timber Daybed

This intimate garden uses rich colors, lush textures and natural materials for a great relaxation space.

4. A Path of Tranquility

A stunning path with dark-red plum trees and fiery Japanese maples contrast beautifully with lavender.

5. Private Retreat

This beautiful garden is consist of large pond, crane fountains, Buddha statue and tropical-style plants looks more like an arboretum than a private backyard.

6. High Style But Low Maintenance Garden

The blend of textures underfoot kept the space interesting and gave it an untamed, natural look. The focal point of this space is a freestanding fireplace and is incorporated into the design.

7. A Getaway in the Back

If you have a small space, you can just simply add a simple fountain and concrete bench to sit, read or even meditate.

8. Garden Guardian

Add a statue for your garden as your garden guardian; The Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin statue.

9. Water Garden

Take an advantage of the natural hillside by making it the backdrop for the courtyard and add a water garden in the middle of your space to get a natural look even more.

10. Elegant Entry and Beyond

This garden is consist of stunning gate in front and a courtyard patio featuring a tranquil Japanese garden with a waterfall.

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