Everyone loves turquoise color. It is a nice combination of green and blue which calming and relaxing as blue and cheerful and stress relieving as green. This color is absolutely perfect for bathroom. Now check out this coolest bathroom decor with turquoise color to consider below.

1. Turquoise Tile

Cover the whole of your bathroom wall with turquoise watercolor tile and mix it with white color for the nice finishing.

2. Turquoise Wallpaper

Spruce up your bathroom with this turquoise wallpaper for a trendy and edgy look. Instead of adding a tile to your wall, this option is perfect for those who are on a budget.

3. Turquoise Tile in Modern Bathroom

Turquoise tile in modern bathroom

This modern bathroom is so simple yet elegant at the same time. The turquoise tile and white grout for a bold space with a splash of color makes you want to stay for a long time in bathroom.

4. Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom

The best statement point of this contemporary bathroom is the turquoise tile in the shower. It is do gives a wow effect to your bathroom.

5. Mix of Color

Mix of color

Add a vibrant feel to your bathroom by mixing a turquoise tile with black and white.

6. Turquoise Walls and Bathtub

Turquoise walls and bathtub

Elegant turquoise tiles covering the walls and the bathtub itself complemented with white touches.

7. Turquoise Shower Wall Tiles

Turquoise walls and bathtub

Add color and spruce up your bathroom with glossy turquoise tiles covering the shower wall.

8. Turquoise Fish Scale Tiles

Turquoise fish scale tiles

Give your shower zone a bold statement and catch an eye tile by adding a turquoise fish scale tiles just like in the picture above. Adorable!

9. Moroccan Styled Bathroom

Moroccan styled bathroom

Painting walls and giving them a Moroccan-style look painting on plaster is another great and bold idea to try.

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