A basement is a place where you can spend your free time with your family, friends, or colleague. What you need to have is remodeling your basement into something which is more attractive. Here are some brilliant ideas for your next basement remodeling project.

Home Theater


Create a mood with dimmable lights or install ceiling sconces to set the room’s brightness. Soft chairs and wide screens can make your home look more attractive Home Theater from @kaelynschmidtdesign


Remodeling your basement as a home theater is brilliant idea. Here, you can with your family and watch your favorite movie together. Just collect some DVD and prepare to watch them whenever you have time. Basement Home Theater from @pure.ci

Gaming Room for Kids


Let your child play any game in their basement. Put their toys in this room along with some chairs and a table. They will enjoy their time spending good times in this place with you or their friends Basement Kids Friendly from @rushmore.construction_


Change the look of the basement by adding a play area. Complete with some children’s toys and this chalkboard wall area will make your child like playing in your basement. Kids Friendly Room from @saudahsaleeminteriors

Private Room for Your Hobby



Creating a room as a place for doing your hobby is a brilliant idea. This place will be your favorite room. Just put on any utensil you need for doing your hobby whether playing billiards, chess or other activities you like. Billiard basement from @tailoredlivinginteriors


You can also do this in your basement design by turning the basement into a gym. Choosing several types of gym equipment will also complete the look basement Gym from @macallisterstrengthco

Game Room


You can try turning the dungeon into a play area. Choosing a ping pong game will make your child happy in this basement. Ping Pong Game from @jasminreeseinteriors


You are happy to turn your dungeon into a game room like the picture above. This place has many games that you can play with your friends to kill your time. It’s nice to have fun after a hard day at the office. Game Basement from @penguinbasements

A Room for Family


Changing the basement area by adding this family room will provide extra comfort and warmth while you are there. Simply adding a padded sitting area complete with this TV will spend your time in the basement with your family. Family Room Basement from @toshcohomestore


It will be amusing if you and your family watch your favorite TV show together. Here, some people will help mother to cook some meals. Then, some other preparing snacks and beverages you need to have before waiting the TV show start. Family Room from @dreyfusgroup

Build Beverage Center


Having a beverage center is a fascinating idea that will help you to save your favorite beverage. You can take it anytime you need. Just collect some favorite beverages and let them in one room to be easy to find like this. Beverage Center from @marvelrefrigeration


In this basement you can add a drinking area with your family. The addition of a drinking area and a relaxing sitting area can give the impression of a comfortable and warm room. Basement Beverage Center from @brendanfallis

A Room with Amazing Beds


Choose one of these amazing beds for you. Even your kids can ask their friend to do anything here. They are able to read a book, listening to the music they like, or discussing a plan for holding a party next holiday. Bunk Bed Basement from @vanderhornarchitects


Complete your basement look by adding a bunk bed. This will provide enough sleeping space for your child and his friends. Add Bunk Bed from @paynetompkinsrenovations

Private Bar Room


Having a private bar room will make your home look beautiful. You don’t have to go out to have fun. Here, you can do some of the activities you love with the whole family. Basement Bar from @kchomereport


In this basement you can add a bar area. You can invite your colleagues or friends to join you. Basement Bar from @kentshafferhomes


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