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Fences provide us privacy and have many functions. They are great to protect your gardens from prowling paws and frolicking feet. It is also created advantageous micro-climates in your gardens, creating sun pockets or shady edges where different plants can nestle comfortably. While many people opt for new-fangled fencing options, the living fence has a lot of possibilities that others don’t.

Living fences will block wind, which helps in maintaining soil moistness and preventing soil erosion. It lasts much longer, possibly hundreds of years and it can enhance the beauty of your landscape. If you think that you are into the living fence, check out these 8 living fence ideas to beautify your outdoor space below.

1. Cactus Living Fence

Cactus living fence

For a green privacy wall, consider a centuries-old Mexican method: a cactus fence.

2. Lilac Living Fence

Lilac living fence

Spacing of lilacs in a hedge depends on the lilac types used, their growing conditions. The beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers are harbingers of spring’s end. Lilacs come in all shades of pink and purple, grow fairly rapidly, and are winter-hardy in most northern states.

3. Boxwood Plants Living Fence

Boxwood plants living fence

This living fence is excellent choices for hedges and are often sculpted into fanciful shapes and mazes. Boxwoods are evergreens that feature dense, dark green foliage and grow to a moderate height, perfect for a natural boundary fence.

4. Willow Trees Living Fence

Willow trees living fence

Willow trees are fast-growing and extremely pliable, which makes them easy to craft into ornate natural fences. Take long and straight willow stems and plant then in a line in the spring.

5. Laurel Leaves Living Fence

Laurel leaves living fence

Laurel Leaves are great in a space with difficult garden environment; a high air pollution and salt-laden coastal wind.

6. Burning Bush Living fence

Burning bush living fence

Burning bush is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to 24 feet tall that is great as a living fence that also provide small fruits that is popular with numerous species of birds.

7. Bamboo Living fence

Bamboo living fence

Bamboo are a lush and rapid way to create a natural fence. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in existence and is extremely low maintenance. Choose your plants carefully in order to make nice with neighbors and keep it from spreading.

8. Junipers Living fence

Junipers living fence

Junipers are coniferous evergreens that vary in size and shape from low spreading shrubs to tall, shapely trees of up to 40 feet. It have needle-like leaves, and most varieties produce aromatic berries that hardy but can develop dead spots if over-pruned.

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