Having a farmhouse bedroom doesn’t meant you have to be a farmer or live in a rural area. What you need to do is that applying some farmhouse ornament on your bedroom. Farmhouse style is not far from the use of wood. Try one of these stunning modern rustic farmhouse master bedroom ideas;


Re-purposing in the Farmhouse Bedroom

Repurposing in the farmhouse bedroom

Rather than applying traditional headboard, this design comes with using old shutter. With the combination of blue and white, this farmhouse bedroom successes to bring eye-catching and whimsy style for this room.

Applying DIY Headboard

Applying diy headboard

Using old pallet to be DIY headboard bring your bed into cozy charmer of a master bedroom. Rustic wood becomes one the most often material found in a farmhouse. This style looks traditional and close to the nature.

Ship-lap Walls

Shiplap walls

Applying wood-clad walls indicate the core of a farmhouse. If you are unable to provide wood-clad, you can replace it with ship-lap design wallpaper. Make it look so real in order to feel the warmth of a farmhouse on your room.

Fireplace in the Bedroom

Fireplace in the bedroom

Having fireplace in the bedroom makes your room to a country farmhouse. Feel the warmth, but make sure to avoid flames or ashes. Be ready to prepare more budgets, because it needs the best material to put fireplace there.

Old and New Mix in the Farmhouse Bedroom

Old and new mix in the farmhouse bedroom

Look at three vintage hats and charm which is put over the headboard. Those ornaments make this bedroom look old time. But, give your attention to the simple bed at this room which shows modern and simple style.

Heart of the Country Vibe Bedroom

Heart-of-the-country vibe bedroom

Just try to apply casual feel towards your bedroom. You don’t have to stay in a rural area to get farmhouse master bedroom style. Decorate your bedroom into more welcoming feel which is warmer and nod to tradition.

Pictures of Farm Life

Pictures of farm life

How about hanging a portrait of farmhouse style? Here, a painting of cow which closes to the activity of farming hangs over the headboard. It looks charming and brings you to feel in a farmhouse style. You are free to choose what drawings you like.

Seating Nook in Bedroom

Seating nook in bedroom

Give your mind a relaxing moment sitting at this small armchair. Let your feet lay on ottoman to let it prop. This cute spot will look so cozy to be placed nearby window. Then, let your body feel the sunlight every morning.

Romantic Farmhouse Bedroom

Romantic farmhouse bedroom

Don’t lose your romantic style at a rustic farmhouse bedroom. Hang a gauzy length of fabric from a ceiling beam to make your bedroom to give romantic touch. Let you and your spouse enjoy the night at this lovely rustic farmhouse bedroom style.

Country Gingham

Country gingham

Rustic farmhouse also can be designed to be a country gingham style. This room looks nice to be functioned as child bedroom or a room for your guest to rest. If you apply yellow painting for the wall, this room will be looked more cozy.

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