Minimalist bedroom design with black and white paint for example, can be combined with other colors are brighter without making the room seem crowded. You can combine with the color contrast.

  1. Black Wall


Arrange the monochrome room you can start by choosing a black wall. You can choose one side that will be the backdrop where you put the white bed like the example bedroom above.

  1. Black Bed


Add a black display on the other side of the wall to support the black and white concept of your dream room.

  1. Monochrome Carpet


Another way to get around the room all white design and do not want to bother to change the paint color is to install carpet, curtains or bed sheets with black color. The addition of this decor alone is enough to make your room look monochrome and luxurious.

  1. Black and White Wallpaper


If you really want to change the nuances through the wall color, consider replacing it with wallpaper black and white room wall. In addition to the installation more easily and efficiently, you can also choose your own different styles accordingly.

  1. Black Photos


For you photography enthusiasts, there’s no harm in experimenting with black-and-white photos of your work or your favorite photographer’s work. Print with large size and make a main display on one side of the wall to get the impression of an artistic monochrome.

  1. Monochrome Scandinavian


For bed sheets or curtains you can choose a white color with a minimalist black hue.

  1. Chess Pattern


One of the preferred styles favored by monochrome lovers is the chess pattern. Intermittent between black and white is suitable to be the color of your bedroom bed sheet or it could be the idea of ​​choosing your floor tiles.

  1. All Gray


Not that you miss the opportunity to decorate your bedroom with monochrome feel. One way that you can choose is to use a gray color.

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