One of the easiest ways to change the look of the interior is to add ornamental plants in your home. How to arrange indoor plants for fresh atmosphere that you can get? Check out the 8 references below!

1.Griya Anugerah Villa


Building with modern design is a polyclinic in Tangerang, Banten. Its all-white interior is given a touch with the presence of a tree that grows extending from the lower floor to the upper floor.

2.House 1


Designer of House 1 choose to plant different types of ornamental plants around the house.

3.Champa Villa


Champa Villa is located in Balangan, Bali. It has a beautiful tropical feel. Not only on the outside of the overgrown trees, the interior is dominated by wood and white colors are still equipped with mini ornamental plants.

4.Stoy House


Built in Bandung, this residence comes with a unique interior design that blends various concepts ranging from urban to vintage touches from various wall hangings.

5.Chris & Jennifer Villa


One of the villas in Bali is also thick with tropical nuances. The living room as a resting place looks perfect between the green garden and the pool which is also planted with various plants.

6.Trimmed Reform House


You can try to cheat how this designer Trimmed Reform House did. His position in the corner looks refreshing but does not make the room feel cramped.

7.Regency 21


Just like Trimmed Reform House, Regency 21 designer are also experimenting with large plants indoors. Two large palm pots are even placed in the bedroom. Almost in every other room also placed one or two living plant pots.

8.Eau Building


One of the buildings owned by Erha Clinic Indonesia in Serpong area is trying to give a fresh feel inside by putting green plants. With a high black pot, the green color can be seen from all corners of the room.

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