Having a small laundry room does not mean hampering your creativity in decorating the room. The laundry room needs to be efficient, functional, well equipped, and well-organized. the proper arrangement of laundry room makes you work comfortably, therefore washing becomes a fun activity.


1. White and Organized

Small laundry room 1
Source: Pinterest

White expands the room and creates the illusion of space. This white and organized laundry is complete with a sink, a folding station on top of a washing machine and plenty of storage.

2. Country Style

Small laundry room 2

Source : PinterestStacked machines are a great way to take advantage of vertical space. retro-style basin and hanging bar as a storage warehouse in the laundry room confirm the vintage impression on this laundry room.

3. Hidden Laundry Room

Small laundry room 3
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If you do not always want to see your washer and dryer, consider hiding it behind the door to look like a cabinet. This hidden laundry room has folding tables for folding and open shelves that can load many items.

4. Elements Of Surprise

Small laundry room 4

Source : Pinterest

Clutter makes any room messy, disorganised, and cramped. This compact off-the-wall laundry comes with vertical sliding organiser

full-sized washer and dryer, folding station, and ample storage.

This vertical sliding organiser is space efficient. It can hide all your laundry stuff away from plain sight while keeping them within easy reach.

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