The design of a minimalist fish pond becomes one of the most sought after by homeowners as well as fish lovers. Budget issues become one of the main priorities to be considered. Here are 10 ideas for a minimalist fish pond design.

1.Simple and Minimalist Fish Aquarium


Create a minimalist aquarium-style fish pond placed on the floor position to replace the function of the dividing wall.

2.Minimalist Fish Pond With Natural Decoration


Compulsory accessories such as natural stone, medium-sized trees are shady, until a simple fountain can create a fresh atmosphere behind the house.

3.Beautiful Home Garden With Fish Pond Minimalist


One of the favorite minimalist fish pond style is sized below the waist and suitable to be enjoyed while sitting relaxed in the limits.

  1. Ethnic Style Fish Pond with Glass Combination


With a fitting blend of concrete and glass, you can present a pond of minimalist fish other than others. Uniquely, the design of this pond is made in the middle of the park in the house

  1. Chill Out on Elegant Wooden Deck


At first glance it is seen that this area has a fish pond separated. But basically, this minimalist fish pond is a large pond that is also a home for the beautiful fish in it.

  1. Natural Nuance With Wood Platform Combination


This minimalist fish pond also looks simple without much polish at all. The addition of a wooden platform around it can be an effective value-added and make the atmosphere warmer

  1. Mini Minimalist Fish Pond Save The Place


With ceramic walls and glass barriers, this minimalist fish pond is not more than 1 meter in size but can be a cool home decoration icon.

  1. Efficient Minimalist Fish Pond


Generally a minimalist fish ponds symmetrical shaped either rectangular or square in following the pattern of residential homes.

9.Classic Minimalist Fish Pond


Ideal for a minimalist fish pond located in the garden of the house, the shape of a circle on a minimalist fish pond is perfect as a sweet addition

10.Slowly Minimalist Fish Pond


If you want to have a minimalist fish pond with a special shape and indentation, then custom design can you explore with the service provider of a minimalist fish pond maker.

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