Have a small house does not mean you can not create a comfortable atmosphere even make it look bigger. You should know if a comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of furniture or decor that are expensive, but also you can make it with home decorations that are cheap and simple. Here are 10 Simple Home Decorations that You Must Know.

  1. The walls are brightly colored


Simple house decoration in the form of bright wall colors can create a comfortable atmosphere and larger room effects. The right colors to decorate the walls of the tiny house are white, beige, or light blue.

  1. Tables and seats are invisible


When choose desk and chair for a simple home decor, choose one that uses a quality translucent material such as acrylic.

  1. Use small furniture


We recommend using small furniture that is adjusted to the size of the room.

  1. Place the ottoman


The function of this ottoman is actually as a foot rest or place put a glass or magazine in a room. The soft ottoman surface can also be used as an additional seat.

  1. Apply a horizontal line


Vertical lines are able to create the impression of a higher room, while the horizontal line is able to create the impression of a wider room. This horizontal stripe motif can be used on the wall. To color the lines, choose colors like black and white.

  1. Prepare the furniture symmetrically


Arranging furniture in a symmetrical position as a form of simple home decor can make the house look more tidy, clean, and balanced.

  1. Use lights as a simple home decor to illuminate every corner of the house


Put the lights in the right position to illuminate all corners of the room at home. A bright house will make it feel cleaner and more airy.

  1. Choose a high open bookcase


Choose a high open shelf not wide to the side. Its high size will be more efficient place compared to the wide shelf to the side.

  1. Hang the curtains as high as possible


To make the house feel more magnificent and tall, hang the curtain as high as possible so as to create the illusion.

  1. Use a large patterned rug


You can try changing the simple home decor by replacing the carpet. For a small house, choose a carpet with soft colors and large motifs to create the impression of a wider room

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