Wooden floors are very easy to maintain and wooden floors that have been installed for several years are rarely bent or damaged, provided you take care of them properly. If you couldn’t do it by yourself, there are also so many professional roof repair and consultants that you can call. So many ways to beautify the wooden floor in your home. Here are the most frequently used.

1.Use special soap to get Scandina style wooden floor


You can use a special lye solution on a sandy wood floor to brighten the color of the wood and remove the dark color.

2.Cat your white floor


The white floor will produce contemporary styles to the ancient house with the old and worn wood floor conditions.

3.Choose an elegant gray color


The gray color on the floor can be paired with pastel colors on the wall to add a statement to the room.

  1. Consider wood flooring


Most varnishes contain polyurethane, which can coat wood to be waterproof and coat it like plastic. The results obtained can range from glossy to matte.

  1. Try to hit the color


The use of a variety of colors that are not uniform for your floor and furniture can create an attractive appearance.

6.Back on the black color


The black floor adds a dramatic impression and fits perfectly with dark wood furniture.

7.Finishing using wax


Hard wax products contain a mixture of natural oils such as flaxseed oil and sunflower seeds, as well as a mixture that serves to protect the wood and texture.

  1. Try using dark colors


You should experiment with staining the sanded wood floor to find the color you want.

9.Use recycled wood


Recycled wood uses boards or wood taken from other properties to add character to new buildings or repair damaged areas.

10.Create a vintage-style floor


You can add several layers of paint on the floor and then scratch some parts to produce a contrasting color from the paint underneath.

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