For those of you who are looking for ideas for small home decor, you should be good at conceptualizing so as not to make mistakes when doing small home decorations. Here are 8 common mistakes in home decor.

  1. Do not Have Clear Concept


Before do many things in small home decorations, such as choosing a house paint color or choosing the best furniture, we should first measure the area of ​​the room and allocate it to the proper function.

  1. Ignoring the Sun Light


Never block out the sunlight on a small home decor. In order not to be too blinding, install a thin curtain or curtain on the window, do not let your little home decorations minimal lighting so that looks bleak.

  1. Error in Color Combination


Often we think that small home decor should be dominated by white. Small home decor that feels roomy does not need to be so boring. You can apply the creative wallpaper options.

  1. Errors in Furniture Selection


Choosing a lot of small furniture can actually make your own little home decor look crowded. This is a mistake to organize a small guest room that is usually done beginners.

  1. Install Wall Hanging in Any Place


Just place a painting or collage of large photo frames on one side of the wall to sweeten your home decor. If you have some decorative ornaments, hang on one side of the wall and do not place it too low.

  1. Not Dare to Look Luxury


You can put the silver trinkets on the ceiling also make the room look brighter.

  1. Not Collect Spaces


If your house has adjacent spaces, then collaborate between rooms with the same colors, furniture concepts, and decorations.

  1. Skip Customized Furniture


If you want to make a small home decor on the look and size of the most fitting, never miss a customized furniture. Customized furniture is furniture that you can order to fit your home decoration needs.

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