One way to beautify the exterior is to use a door ornament in the form of a hanger or door wreath. Guests who visit will feel welcomed as well. Here are 10 Creation Ideas for House Door Decoration that you can try for your house.

  1. Door decoration from wood pieces


Door decoration this one you can make your own using pieces of wood or wood residual palette. To unite it, you just need to use a glue shot then arrange the circle.

  1. Door decoration of boots


Take advantage of it as a pot container to put flowers, then hang on the main door of the house! Combine the colors of boots that match the color of flowers to look harmonious yes.

  1. Door decoration using photo frame


Photo frame can you conjure into a beautiful door decoration. For example, for Easter, you can stick a fake grass with colorful eggs on the photo frame.

  1. Door decoration from umbrella


If you have a damaged umbrella, do not throw it away! Try to blend it with a flower arrangement and give a band for sweeteners.

  1. Door decoration of the pocket of jeans


just use a pocket of jeans that have been cut. Then tuck a small flower arrangement into it. To be durable, use fake flowers and tape using glue on the inside.

  1. Simple door decoration of flowers


You only need to use one large hanging decorative flowers, then decorate the bottom with a small flower bundle or grass.

  1. Door decoration of ribbon


Want to be wrapped around a wooden frame or folded-fold like the picture above is also allowed. Combine the results with additional decorations such as flowers or funny dolls.

  1. Door decoration is wooden tag


You can write the words greeters on wooden tags, such as “welcome” or greetings of the big day. To be replaced, just use blackboard and chalk.

  1. Door decoration using plant sprinklers


Sprinkler plants from these cans you can recycle into a container of flowers for door decoration.

  1. Door decoration using gunny sack


This brown bag will be more beautiful when combined with white, yellow, green, or red flowers.

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