Walk-in showers are elegant and functional for any bathroom. It will also give your bathroom a modern appeal and it will give you the possibility to efficiently use the space you have available. Walk-in showers also offer versatility in terms of design. They can customized in numerous different ways and outfitted with lots of different features, types of doors, etc. Check out these 10 walk-in shower design ideas below to inspire you.

1. Glass-Enclosed Shower

Glass-enclosed shower.

Bring a sense of nature to your bathroom using a plant and some supporting items such as stone and wainscoting floor or wall.

2. Light-Filled Shower

Light-filled shower.

Attic walk in shower featuring natural light. These light-filled spaces are inspiring us to let in the sunshine. The sensation that you get when you see and feel the light embrace you is unique. Of course, a skylight would be even better.

3. Shower and Steam Room In One Space

Shower and steam room in one space.

Modern steam shower with glass walls and a built-in bench is a simple way of making your own spa. You’ll be able to use this space both as a regular shower and a steam room and you can enjoy relaxing moments right there in your own home.

4. Small Shower Unit

Small shower unit

Walk-in showers are a great alternative to bathtubs in small bathrooms.

5. Private Spa

Private spa

To create a spa-like feel in your bathroom you have to use the right materials and textures. Consider having a wooden shower floor and adding a chandelier for style.

6. Round Shower

Round shower

One of the most important elements to take into consideration is the shape of the walk-in shower. Make the shower as the focal point of the decor by choosing round shower. Round shower tends to look more glamorous, especially if they’re encased in glass just like in the picture above.

7. Nature-Inspired


If you like to feel closer to nature when you’re taking a shower, in which case you should consider using materials like stone and wood. Try a combination of materials and make sure you use the contrasts to your advantage, to create a unique design.

8. Open


You can also consider having an open shower and this will make the room feel more spacious. By eliminating the dividing walls, the bathrooms becomes more cohesive and harmonious

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