A monotonous kitchen style will reduce your spirit to cook. While, changing the style every season also will need more money. So, you need to keep your kitchen timeless. It deals with the furniture, color, even lighting. Here are some ways to design timeless kitchen for any house style;


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel

With enduring neutral color, stainless steel keeps to reign supreme in the universe. Furthermore, the idea using stainless steel will be easier to integrate with any kitchen style.

Undercounter Appliances

Undercounter appliances

Have a super cabinet helps you to save space on your kitchen. Putting microwave on the drawer also make it looks tidy. Drawers keep everything in its place and easy to be reached.

Big, Practical Sinks

Big, practical sinks

Using big sink helps you to wash many big utensils such as pot, big bowl, or pans easier. With this big sink, hand washing plates will not be a big case anymore. It keeps your kitchen clean and organizes well.

Wood Floors

Wood floors

Wood floors keep the kitchen warm and cozy along autumn and cold. You are free to combine it with any kitchen furniture for your house. Porcelain planks which imitate wood pattern also give the same function.

Polished-Silver Finishes

Polished-silver finishes

Applying polished-silver for a kitchen will be ever after. It doesn’t affected by season. So, feel free to apply this material for your cabinet, hardware, faucet, shelf bracket and many more.

Clean-Lined Design

Clean-lined design

Horizontal cabinet also work forever for a kitchen style. You can add a vintage lamp to make it more eye catching. Choose neutral color also keeps your kitchen long lasting.

Fewer Upper Cabinets

Fewer upper cabinets

Usually lower cabinet is enough to keep all kitchen utensils. The addition of upper cabinet only makes your kitchen looks messy. Fewer upper cabinets make your kitchen simpler and cozy.

White Done Right

White done right

No need to have colorful kitchen if you want to keep it timeless. White is enough. This color will make your kitchen look larger and brighter. You don’t need to add more lighting as well.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances

Lack of appliance causes your kitchen into worst appearance. Integrating appliance is the key to make it timeless. Nowadays, appliances are able to stand alone as a style and can be integrated with any kitchen style.

LED Lighting

Led lighting

This is the key of ever after kitchen style that can be applied for your house. No matter what your kitchen style is, LED can help you to maximize the space and make it look larger. That’s why choose the best LED for your kitchen to keep it bright.


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