Proper design tips and techniques can help you transform the narrow room atmosphere to be more comfortable. Use of multifunction cabinets and furniture can also be an option if you want to renovate a small room. Here are the tips to make your small bedroom more attractive.

  1. Use a few color variants.


Limit the use of bright colors only to red and yellow. Balance with white to make the room look more spacious.

  1. Let the light in.


Use window coverings to a minimum if you have a small room so that natural light from the outside can go into the room.

  1. Maximize your storage space.


Large cabinets that reach the ceiling can have multifunctional

  1. Do not be afraid to use the window of the room.


If you have a sizeable window in the room, you can put your mattress against the window to keep your mattress in the center of the room. .

  1. Make a trick with glass.


Create the illusion of the room using glass. This trick is very suitable for small room. The use of glass will make the room as if twice as wide.

  1. Use custom furniture.


Create custom furniture that suits your room. With this you can make the most of every available space perfectly.

  1. Make wallpaper the center of attention.


In an elongated room, use wallpaper on the wall at the very end of the room to make it look more advanced.

  1. Use a cabinet or board on the bed.


Using a cabinet above the bed is one of the right ways to maximize the space in your room.

  1. Be bold.


You can use wallpapers with varied and bold colors and patterns. Use different wallpapers on each wall and complete with simple furniture.

  1. Give interesting effect with white color.


Use natural white colors and minimalist wall decoration to allow room windows and outdoors to be a major concern.

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