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8 Wall Arts that Make Your Home More Attractive

To decorate the room, you do not need to prepare a lot of budget to buy paint and other items. With an isolation course, it turns out you can conjure your room with a cool wall art decoration. Here are 8 Wall Art that makes your home more cool and attractive.

  1. Symbol “+” it can make your room more cool.


It turns out that using the “+” sign can have a big impact on your room. You just need to combine two pieces of isolation of the same length to produce this plus symbol.

  1. You can take advantage of the color of your isolation to be used as a beautiful frame.


You can paste some of your best photos on the wall, then make a frame with your color insulation or washi tape as the frames.

  1. Mount should not just decorate your childhood picture book.


With triangle shape and other straight line shape, this simple wall art you can finish in a short time.

  1. Beds are not flaky is not a problem. You can make your own according to your creations.


You can shape any pattern unlimited by straight lines. Abstract forms can also be created without the need for long periods of time.

  1. Like the lyrics of the song “shine bright like a diamond”, now the diamonds that you can give to your room.


If you have trouble, you can use the aid of a pencil to draw a pattern on the wall. After that, just stacked with your favorite colored insulation.

  1. The creations of black insulation.


If your room door has a plain white color, you can magic your door with the help of your black insulation.

  1. You can use the creation of heart motif on your wall with calm calming insulation.


This heart pattern you can create with a step that is easy to emulate. With small pieces of pink insulation alone, in your wall can make a cool decoration.

  1. Without using wall sticker, you can make this classic black and white window! It makes your room look like in a comic.


You just make a rectangle with straight lines.

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