Browse the interior of boarding rooms or dormitories in internet and other sites can make an inspiration for us. Do not know how but they can make beautiful room decor and very comfortable. Here are 10 DIY inspirations to make your room so beautiful.

  1. Beautiful wall art with colorful tape


You’ve got pictures from magazines that you’ve clipped neatly, and also colorful tape. Paste the picture into your bedroom wall with this multicolored tape.

  1. Ombre wall art


Ombre not only looks attractive in hair or lipstick only. Ways and items that can be used with enough that you have at home.

  1. Take advantage of your shoes so decoration


Put your shoes on display in the bookcase. The rooms become more beautiful in real time!

  1. Modify the old door


Got a used wooden door again? You can modify it into a vintage bookshelf.

5.Take the old chairs


Cover your chair with a bright cloth looking invisible boring. Coating it with a bright cloth will look much more attractive.

6.Container from carton


Time to process these cartons into multipurpose container boxes. It can to save the charger, earrings, necklaces, to fit photos and other small items you.

  1. A lively mat


So that your room is not boring, there is no mistake to create these colors themselves. The trick is very easy, you just need spray paint and duct tape.

  1. Modify the old magazines


Glue pack of used magazine in your house Zeus clinging to each other. Place a small pillow on the story and “tie” with two belts.

  1. Refrigerator accessories


You just need a bright color tray and some refrigerator magnets to install it. Do not forget to tuck the to-do list or funny photos to make your refrigerator more solid!

  1. Make your room into a mini forest


Your room can be more beautiful with indoor plants in various corners. No need to buy expensive expensive, enough cactus and aloe vera is enough to green the room.

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