Fountains become one of the forms of the presence of water element in a minimalist home. The design of the fountain in a minimalist home becomes an integral part of the overall function of space, a soothing element, as well as a functional decoration element. Here are 8 fountain design inspirations for your minimalist house.

  1. Simplicity


In its simplicity, clear water flows through a small crack, moistening the floor beneath it, giving coolness and deep meaning.

  1. Cool and riveting


Design fountain as high as 1 meter you can make your own from the remaining pieces of iron frame or fence ceiling.

  1. Element of wall decoration


Indoor water wall fountain or wall fountain can be an inspiration to include water as a unity with walls, especially in small minimalist homes

  1. Acrylic fountain as a conditioning in the corner of the room


Acrylic fountain panels are durable and not easily broken like panels of glass fountains or natural stone.

  1. Decorative water bubbles, flexible air conditioning


Decorative bubbles of water come in a variety of colors and frame models, being an easy solution for presenting a water element that cools a minimalist home. The bubbles of water seemed to provide a flow of energy

  1. Petite fountain
Lotus leaf fountain

If you want to add a water feature to your minimalist house, you can a minimalist fountain. The fountain doesn’t have to be placed outside or in your garden. Even, you can buy a minimalist fountain kit that can be placed inside your home. Such as this tabletop fountain that can be placed on the table of your living room, desk, terrace, and any space. The minimalist shape of the fountain but elegant will enhance your home decor while creating a relaxing feel through the sound of gurgling water produced.


A small fountain pot with a lotus plant model drains the cool water with its gentle rush falling on the white coral.

  1. Cool and creative fountain


This creative idea is a proof of unlimited imagination that can be realized. Water flowed from beneath the table and fell into the pond beneath, into a small waterfall that looked cool in the yellow light; unique, creative, cool, and soothing.

  1. Fountain with a small fish pond


For fish lovers or those who believe that fish bring good luck in the house, the design of this tiny minimalist fish pond can be an inspiration.

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