Every part of the house including the park definitely requires care. However, the hassles of taking care of the garden can be minimized in ways that can be found in this article. Here are 10 ingenious ways to design the garden at your house.

  1. Make a functional outer space


The existence of the sitting area will reduce the area of ​​planting that needs to be treated. Utilization of wooden board is used to maintain soil moisture so that plants can grow well.

  1. Reduce or remove grass planting


Apparently caring for the grass requires a considerable amount of time and energy to cultivate, cut, and even care for the hole of the ants it protects.

  1. Reduce the area of ​​the park


A good garden is aimed at giving freshness and beauty. There is no need for a large park to realize this concept.

  1. Choose plants that are easy to maintain


Cambodia Japan, suplir, and pine can be a choice of plants that are not too much trouble. This type of plant does not need to be watered too often and is suitable for tropical climates.

  1. Replace the flower plants with shrubs


Many types of plants shrubs / shrubs of various colors that can provide beauty. Tea-tea plants and lilies paris (Chlorophytum comosum var vittatum) has a different color is quite beautiful as a garden decorator.

  1. Create a minimalist modern garden


Modern minimalist impression reinforced with rocks and bamboo tree support.

  1. Let some areas overgrown with wild plants


This only requires setting the location of wild plants. For the treatment, let nature take care of it. Allocate the area so that the leaves that fall can be humus.

  1. Combine the water element in the garden


So, choose a simple simple pool design that is easy to clean. Beautify with well-lit lighting to accentuate the beauty of the fountain in the pond.

  1. Take advantage of flowering shrubs


To create a beautiful garden decorated with colorful flowers, choose the type of flowering shrubs that interest long lasting.

  1. Trim the gardening tools


Put all the equipment, from shovels, rakes, broomsticks, hoes, to pots and flower seeds in the same or adjacent location.

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