Mason jars come with its popularity as the landscape to plant any kinds of flowers, herbs, or even succulents. It replaces the role of vase to create a unique look. With little touch of creativity, this Mason jars change your room into more appealing.


Lovely Mason Jars with Rustic Burlap Accents

Lovely mason jars with rustic burlap accents

A cute mason jars with flower on the table will attract your eyes. It is easy to make by your own self with less money and time. The accent of flower on this Mason jar make it looks cute.

Plant Herbs in Mason Jars

Plant herbs in mason jars

Use Mason jar as a pot to plant some herbs also ease your gardening time. It can be used for indoor plants and looks impressive. Put Mason jars with herbs on a basket. Let them get enough sun light every morning to keep herbs grows well.

Mason Jars with Pretty Ribbon

Mason jars with pretty ribbon

This is a super easy DIY project using Mason jar that can be tried by anybody at home, even with your children. Just prepare a mason jar and clean it first. Take ribbon in and tight it to Mason jar. Use it for fake flowers as for your living room table.

Mason Jars Flowers on a Welcome Sign

Mason jar flowers on a welcome sign

Repurposing Mason jar as welcome sign will attract your guest attention. This wonderful wreath can be one of the best choices for fall decor as well. Don’t forget to replace the flowers regularly.

Simple Mason Jars Wall Vases

Simple mason jar wall vases

Hanging planters look wonderful as wall decoration. You can use Mason jar to replace the vase and create a unique look for your planters. You need to prepare a wooden board to keep it strong. Feel free to plant flowers, herbs, or anything you like.

Pretty Flower Filled Mason Jars

Pretty flower filled mason jars

Creating vases from Mason jar help you to create a picturesque look for your room decoration.  Just prepare some mason jars in different size and floral fabric. Cut the fabric and stamp it on the Mason jar using glue. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then, it is ready to use.

Succulent Mason Jars Centerpieces

Succulent mason jar centerpieces

Succulents can be an alternative decoration for a room beside flowers or herbs.  While Mason jar is perfect as a landscape for this plants. Use rock slat rather than soil to keep it alive for longer periods.  Cool, isn’t it?

Fill Mason Jars with Glitter

Fill mason jars with glitter

A beautiful Mason jars to beautify your room. Using glitter also helps you to decorate it as a vase for planting flowers. Just do this project at weekend and change your room performance by a simple step.

Pastel Mason Jars in a Wooden Tray

Pastel mason jars in a wooden tray

DIY planter box can be smart choice to decor your room. The use of Mason jars is great idea to save budget and time. Make a box from wood and put the Mason jars there.

Mason Jars Arrangement with Raffia Bow

Mason jar arrangement with raffia bow

Have this simple floral arrangement with Mason Jars to keep your room interest. Just use raffia bow to replace ribbon and see the result. It is a clever idea to decorate your room, right?

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