Hallway as a connecting road between spaces should not be drab. Magic becomes a special space by utilizing artwork, book collection, lighting, and other ideas.

  1. Carpets


Utilization of horizontal patterned carpet on the long hallway will make the impression wider. If you do not get a carpet long enough, sew some carpets to put them together.

  1. Photo gallery and painting


Having a long hallway means having plenty of space to display a collection of photographs and paintings into a private gallery. Pair the paint colors of the walls and frames to create a minimalist impression.

  1. Cabinet


A fairly wide hallway can be used to lay a cabinet long enough. The combination of cabinets, lighting, carpets, and paintings eliminates the impression of hallways that are usually boring, as well as hallways to be functional.

  1. Lighting


Undeniable, lighting is an important architectural element. Especially in a windowless hallway, lighting design is a must. Proper down-lighting will further accentuate and beautify the material walls, floors, and ceilings are used.

  1. Wall panel


The wall panel on the hallway becomes an important decorative design element, while protecting the walls from collision damage, let alone the area is often skipped. Mix and match the color of the panel with the wall to give the impression of contrast or complementary.

  1. Bookshelf


Take advantage of the hallway for personal library expansion. At least, the book collection will be in three rooms at once, two or more spaces connected to the hallway, and the hallway itself.

  1. Murals (wall painting)


Choose a mural theme to paint hallway walls to be more ‘live’ and not monotonous. The theme of the painting can utilize the line elements to make the hallway more spacious. Choose bright colors to brighten.

  1. Mirror with frame


If you want a memorable hallway like a gallery but do not yet know the theme of the image you want to display, use a mirror with the frame.

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