Shophouse is a designation for buildings that are generally storied between two to five floors. Shophouse usually has a simple appearance and often built with other shophouse that has the same design or similar as a complex.

  1. More than one


Nowadays shophouse has become one of the alternative to open center or commercial complex besides market or ordinary shop. Why can it be called a complex? Because, the shophouse consists not only of one building, but several buildings at once.

  1. The design is uniform


For example, if using a classic or minimalist style, surely the shophouse also have a style that is not much different. However, some developers actually create a design concept that contrasts with the goal to give a more prominent appearance.

  1. Economical cost


Making a shophouse must also take into account the costs incurred carefully to be more economical. Before making the design, it is better to do the siting analysis first.

  1. Façade of shophouse


The part that should get extra attention is the shophouse facade. This element will be the main attraction of the shophouse building.

  1. Shape of shophouse


Shophouse buildings usually consist of two or three floors. The basic shape is a beam that is coak or cavity in certain parts.

  1. Location


Location is the most important thing for the selection of a strategic shophouse. In choosing a site, a siting analysis is needed first, which is a kind of small research to determine whether a location is appropriate to serve as a place of business or not.

  1. Size of shophouse


In general, there is no rule about the official size of a shophouse. However, the standard size used as a guide is the front width of a car (four wheeled vehicles), which is 3.5 meters.

  1. Spacious parking lot


Shophouse should be able to provide a large parking lot so that visitors who want to come do not have to hassle to find a place to park their vehicle.

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