Birthday celebrations generally will not be far from the name of compulsory items such as cakes, birthday candles, and decorations. However, what if you do not want excessive celebration and just present a simple birthday decor and low budget only. Here are 9 Amazing Ideas for Simple Birthday Decorating in your house.

  1. Unique Balloons


Balloons with ice cream funnel accents are simple birthday decorations that you can make yourself without draining time and with sweet results too!

  1. Rainbow Colored Flowers


Use a little water, a glass of various sizes, and food coloring. Soak the original flower stalk or the flower of your creole paper and the simple birthday decorations of the rainbow of flowers

  1. Confetti Glass


Confetti glasses can be found easily as simple memorable birthday decorations. Use empty empty jars or glasses that are rather large, then fill with the existing decor.

  1. Cheerful Backdrop from Paper Tissue


Colorful tissue paper can also be a simple alternative to simple birthday decorations. Both stacked resembling flowers or stuck at random.

  1. Centerpiece with Simple Color


Use a beautiful colored paint to coat the inside of the jar from the glass. Choose bright colors then add original flowers or fake flowers for a simple feminine birthday decor.

  1. Cupcake Base


Use a thick needle and thread to unite this cupcake base and simple birthday decorations you are ready to decorate the interior of a lively birthday party room.

  1. Beautiful Birthday Paper


Paper folding is easy, especially if the results of simple birthday decorations look pretty like the inspiration above. Use colorful paper that is thick and neatly folded before being put together at the ends.

  1. Fresh Fruit Decoration


Do not miss the simple birthday decorations in the fresh fruits arrangement in each of your dishes.

  1. Dessert Table


Put a dessert table as a simple birthday decor to the center of attention at a party.

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