Green is a fresh color. It closes to nature, energy, renewal, growth, harmony, and fertility. Implicitly, it also has meaning as jealousy and ambition. Since green gives energy for humans, some of us choose this eye-catchy color as their interior design. Green is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for human eye to view. Thus, by knowing this definition and meaning of green color, now you know that green can be applied for interior design beautifully since it gives effect of healthy, cozy, and lovely.

Green brings certain touch of interior design. Calm light green can be the dominant color for the wall paint, the furnitures, or even the ornaments. All rooms are possible to have green concept. The kitchen is one of the most favorite room to do activities like cooking while gathering with all family members. Put a light green sofa or arm-chair to give fresh touch for others who are waiting for your meal. It will be interesting idea when you apply all green for your kitchen, from the kitchen utensils cabinets, and shelves.In the dining room, choose a dining set with green chairs and table. It is possible for you to complete this look by applying a green patterned rug so that your table and chairs do not move around a lot. To avoid of being rigid, you can also combined green with another colors like pink, white, and red. Like in the kitchen, to get little fresher air, you can put red flowers in pots and put them in an appropriate spot. As a master room, a bedroom is flexible to be decorated with green elements, like green bed with green headboard, shelves, a patterned green blanket, pillows, and curtain. When you wake up in the morning and open your windows, you will get natural ambiance of the nature combined with your green wonderful bedroom. As easy as making green decoration in the bedroom, your livingroom is also impressive with green furnitures like the sofa, pillows, and rug. To have more artistic elements, give them paintings or framed photo grids to balance your green livingroom. Get inspired after checking out these pictures of green interior design below. Be ready to upgrade your interior design with green!

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