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50 Creative Decoration Ideas to Make Every Room in Your Home Prettier


It cannot be denied that every room at home needs some decoration. Besides its design, the decoration is able to bring a certain nuance for those who enter the room. As every room has its own functions, basically, all rooms has a same function that is to make those who come feels comfortable. The decoration, then, supports the snugness since it creates a touch that sometimes make us pleased.

Let’s begin to discuss every room’s decoration from the livingroom. A livingroom is a spot of the family members to get together. The decoration must be set well since we have to make the family, guests, or friends who come to this room feel happy. No matter what theme of your livingroom, make the nuance of warm and elegant, such as put sofa or chair. You can use one dominant color or colorful sofa to bright up your livingroom. Using a rug is interesting ideas to consider. Replacing a stool into a side table is possible for making the livingroom looks larger. A livingroom is the right place to show off your collection, ceramics or photos. Creative DIY photos frames can be your references in arranging your memorable photos creatively. If your dining room is incorporated with your kitchen because of minimal space, it will not limit your creativity to decorate them uniquely. Use open shelves to display your patterned plated and pitcher. Then, arrange your bowl from the.smallest to the biggest or vice versa. The idea of using open shelves can also be applied in the livingroom to put your books. Arrange the hardcover color or organize the books from highest to shortest hardcover. For your bedroom, you can plan a budget to redo your bedroom concept. You may think that rustic theme is more interesting because of its natural unfinished touch or you can make your bedroom with girly theme like shabby chic that allows you to deal with flowery and elegant decoration for a warmer ambiance. Furthermore, seasonal decoration may be applied for each room. Pick Christmas decoration which is various to decorate your whole house. Though it is only a small touch but the decoration brings you to the euphoria of the event. For examples, a Christmas tree and its ornaments, garlands, wreath, and centerpieces. The idea of making centerpieces can be matched with the event. Candles, flowers, fruits are some elements to make an adorable centerpiece. Giving a natural touch for your rooms is good enough. Put a plant on a pot on the room corner and don’t forget to choose a plant with low maintenance since it will be put indoor. There are still many tricks to decorate your rooms at home. To give you inspiration, check the following pictures below. Enjoy!


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