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61 Awesome String Light Ideas for Bedroom


Everyone agree that a bedroom should be set as comfortable as possible. As the most private room, a bedroom has functions like a place to lay down, relax and enjoy spare time, work, and surely take a rest. Thus, the design of a bedroom have to boost our mood so that we feel better after laying down there. The matter is that some people may be confused on how to set their bedroom to be the coziest place. Here, we will discuss about one of the ideas to make our bedroom more interesting.

Some tricky ideas are presented to make our bedroom looks like a dreamy room. As lighting is very important to make our bedroom warm and beautiful, we cannot ignore it. One of the idea to upgrade our bedroom lamps is installing string lamps. It is such an effective idea for those who gets bored with their bedroom decoration. Also, it created the nuance of both dramatic and romantic. Don’t worry because this idea of sting lamps can be applied for any ages’ room. Moreover, this string lamps are able to installed as a bedroom decoration in a seasonal event, like Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine. Well, there are some ideas to apply string lamps in the bedroom that you can make them as your inspiration. First, you can install the string lamps on the ceiling so that you can look them when you sleep in the bed. Hang this string lamps around a long twig and stick the twig on one side of you the wall is another style you can choose. By using a twig, you also can hang your string lamps above your head. This idea surely make a more dramatic ambiance at night. For couples, this interesting idea should be applied for their bedroom. Then, you may also drape the string lamps on the bookshelves or your racks to maximize your corner display. To help your lighting aspect ion your dressing table, install them around and follow the shape of your mirror. This stunning idea help you much on doing a make up. As we discussed above that this string lamps can be installed for your seasonal event, for example in Christmas, you can creatively shape this string lamps to be a Christmas tree on your bedroom wall. Decorate it with ribbons, glass  Christmas bulbs, and stars. Wow! It’s a simple yet adorable Christmas tree ever. Furthermore, for those who are very keen on photography and like collecting a memorable photos, you can use string lamps as an additional ornaments by hang them with clothesline kn the wall. Just arrange your photos horizontally so the display goes well. There are still many ideas to apply of string lamps for your bedroom. This, check these pictures below and find which one is the best for your bedroom.


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