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56 Unique Dorm Room Ideas That You Need to Copy


Living in a dorm sometimes makes someone worried since it is not as comfortable as at home. Some may think so. But, if we know some excellent tricks to make it feels like home, it would be interesting. In this article, we are going to reveal those tricks that you may copy if you want to get some inspiration in setting up your dorm room.

Setting up your dorm room is as exciting as setting up your bedroom at home. You may put some ornaments you want and make it a room that represents your characters. Simply put a single bed. Choose the bed sheet color with your favorite color so that it boost your mood. Because the big point of a dorm room is your bed, you can modify it as your desires. Also, using a loft bed is good idea as well. Some people like to have this kind of bed to maximize their minimal space in the dorm room. A loft bed make you possible to have an available space under the bed. This space can be used as your study corner or your goods storage in cabinets. Next trick is use floating shelves or racks as your display or storage for accessories. If you want to display your framed photos, books, or novels you have, you can use floating shelves. Put them into a good arrangement so that they look adorable. Besides, use racks and labels to store your accessories. Put the labels on each part of the rack for every item you put, for examples brushes, keys, eyeliner, pens, etc. Use a rug for your floor. It is useful since you can use it as spot where you can sit down with your friends. As your ornaments, take the ones can motivate you like some quotes that you can put them near your study corner. To give aesthetic touch, you may use some ideas like apply wall papers or wall stickers. String lamps or table lamps can be the idea to make romantic and dramatic ambiance for your dorm room. The string lamps may help you to display your photos as well. Put the photos on a clothesline then hang it under the string lamps. Wow, it is gorgeous idea, isn’t it? To get more ideas of setting up your dorm room, we provide you some pictures below. Hopefully you will get inspired!


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