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48 Brilliant Small Apartment Ideas for Space Saving


Having an apartment is as exciting as having a house. We also need to decide what style and theme we are going to apply. Since a good setting and arrangement makes cozy living in the apartment, we have to find the best design. But, sometimes we deal with small space of an apartment so that we get confused on how to manage our goods. Here, we presents some ideas to get around this problem. Some tricks are presented below as your references.

Small space makes us get confused and worried about the furnitures we want to take. Maximizing a minimal space becomes so challenging then. First of all, we have to know the available space. Use a free space near the window to be a livingroom where we can gather with all family. A large glass window and mirror seem to be more helpful in making a larger impression. Second, use a floating shelves as your display. This idea is effective since you can still have free spaces under the shelves to put other furnitures. Besides, these shelves ease us to clean our space without lifting them to clean the bottom part. Some racks can also be used as the storage of our accessories or tools like in the laundry room, kitchen, or bedroom. Then, if we want to separate two rooms, we can use a glass door so that the space looks like larger than it really is. For example, we can separate our livingroom and diningroom with a sliding glass door. A minimalist concept of dining table with two or three chairs can be the alternative. Furthermore, for our bedroom, if we have small space as well. We can pick only very useful furnitures like a bed, a cupboard, a table, and a chair. Provide a mirror to make a larger impression. A wall cupboard is another effective way to save much space. All the brilliant ideas of managing a small space in an apartment  are illustrated in the pictures below. Enjoy!


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