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53 Cozy Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are many styles and designs we know nowadays become popular to adopt for interior design. And, bedroom is the right place to start a new model or since it is our favorite private room at home. Giving interesting and comfortable touch for our bedroom is a must. As a place to lay down and get relaxed, good design of a bedroom will create a good mood and ambiance.

Farmhouse bedroom design is one of the style we want to introduce to you. This style becomes famous since it offers you a cozy and simple concept of bedroom. It also can be customized with other styles like rustic or vintage. Designing your bedroom with farmhouse design has lots of fun. Give barn wood ceiling to reach authentic look of your farmhouse bedroom. You may also complete it with ceiling fan. Wooden floor and wall can be the next smart idea. To give elegant floor touch you can put a rug or fur carpet. Because the focus of a bedroom is the bed. A farmhouse touch is given to the headboard by applying wooden material. Install lantern, table lamps, or even a modern crystal lamps to create a romantic ambiance at night. The color scheme of this farmhouse bedroom is dominated by soft pallet colors like light brown, beige, grey, or white. If there is found some bright colors, they only balance and give fancy touch for the dominated color. Moreover, wicker baskets are a brilliant way to keep things out of sight and out of mind. They will go perfectly with this concept of farmhouse bedroom. If you want to go with vintage farmhouse, you can put a wooden short cabinet, and put some floral effects like give one side of bedroom wall a wallpaper with flowery pattern or put some pots with low maintenance flower or plants such as cacti. The followings are the references of a farmhouse bedroom. Check them out!

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