The countertop is an important part of a table. This is a board that you used to put various tools. For example in the kitchen cabinet, dressing table in the bedroom and bathroom sink table. Before choosing a countertop, you must choose good materials to use such as ceramics, terrazzo, granite, marble, solid wood, stainless sheets, laminate and solid surfaces. Every material has advantages and disadvantages. So, you have to be smart in determining which material you will use. And the most important thing is to keep neat the table.

There are several ways to keep neat on the table. The first and foremost is to group your items according to the usability. For example on the kitchen cabinet, you can group various cooking utensils in one container. Then place the container in a strategic place so you can easily take it. Then, for cooking spices, you can put them in one container then place them near the stove so that when you need them you can easily find. But, you also have to always check the expiration date of the spices, so you can know which spices are still suitable for use. The next example is the bathroom table. Tables in the bathroom usually blend with the sink. If you wake up, you will wash the face of this sink, so you can arrange your toiletries by placing several containers for your toothbrush and washing soap. Choose a container that is small and suitable for your needs. Don’t place a large container that doesn’t have a function. Then, to keep the dressing table neat, you can use the organizer for the makeup equipment that you have. You can separate various makeup equipment based on the type in an organizer, mug or jar. That will make it easier for you to find the makeup equipment you need. Let’s see some examples below that you can try at home!

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