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55 Modern TV Stand Design Ideas For Small Living Room

A television or tv is an important element of a house. As a means of visual communication, it is not an extraordinary thing to have since nowadays every house has had it. For a modern house concept, we usually see a large tv LED set which is sophisticated and luxurious. It surely supports the modernity of the house. The right place to put a tv set is usually in the living room. Since the living room is a spot for gathering with family and guest, we can also enjoy watching tv together.

Some people may put the tv on the wall, but some choose to have a tv stand. Their reason of using a tv stand is because it looks more luxurious and gives elegant effect for whole living room. Besides, a tv stand has several functions like as a storage and a display. One thing should be considered that we have to match our house concept with the tv stand, whether it is minimalist, rustic, or modern. The size whether lower or higher also has to be decided based on the available space and need. For a rustic house concept, we had better to choose a wooden tv set with modern mid-century design. This furniture exactly present the real model of mid-century design. You can pick a wooden tv stand which has sufficient storages or drawers and doors. We can store books, magazines, or tools in the storage. This kinds of tv stand sometimes has only two doors or drawers or even both. This wooden tv stand also has four feet so that we can easily move it. Another model is a unique craftsmanship mid-century tv stand which offer you an extraordinary shape with two stairs open shelves. The open shelves then, allow you to display a craft or ceramic pieces, books, or speakers. There is a model of a tv stand with small wheels that will ease you to move it since it is movable. You can move it as your desire. For a minimalist house concept, choose dominant white or black tv stand so that it balances your room scheme. Look at other examples below to get more inspirations.

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