A bathroom is a room that should be set well to reach the snugness for those who use it. If you are too tired of having lots of work all day long, your bathroom can be your best place to relax besides your bedroom. Bathroom gives you such a mood booster to relax and drop your fatigue. Thus, you have to consider the best design and interior for your bathroom so that you feel comfortable.

The design and bathroom concept cannot be separated from the tiles you choose. Tiles can be applied on the wall or floor as you want. The decorative tiles that you choose directly affects the whole look of the bathroom. This article will show you how herringbone pattern beautify your bathroom well. Herringbone pattern, nowadays becomes a trend since it offers you a unique and elegant look. As you see before that herringbone pattern can be installed for wall and floor. Both will be exciting for an adorable bathroom. Don’t be worried, herringbone pattern is classic but it is totally classy. As a matter of fact, it is possible for white herringbone to be combined with other patterns. This rectangles arrangement helps to ground the floor and gives stylish touch. Soft colors are the most popular. But, if you want to play with color, you can combine two or three colors, either soft ones or bold ones. Let’s take some examples. A minimalist white bathroom applies white herringbone for the wall. The nuance of clean and cozy is clearly seen then. To give a romantic touch of the bathroom, herringbone pattern on the wall can be modified with lantern and mirror. Green and white herringbone pattern makes a lighter and modern touch you can apply for one side wall to install the sink. Herringbone pattern with color gradation looks stunning to upgrade your bathroom wall. Check these 48 herringbone pattern below and find your favorite.

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