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50 Modern Herringbone Pattern To Give Unique Elements To Your Kitchen


A kitchen is the heart of a house. A cozy kitchen will make a happy cooking. Surely, we have to design the kitchen with an appropriate setting. The furniture, the kitchen tools, the kitchen island, cabinets, and etc are the things to consider. It does not matter how wide os our kitchen, as long as we set it well, the kitchen will be adorable.

The concept of a kitchen does not separate with how we set the tiles and choose the right tiles to make an elegant and interesting kitchen. Have you ever thought of choosing herringbone pattern for your kitchen? If you have never thought it before, let’s discuss how it can beautify your kitchen. Herringbone design is a classic style. But, it is very popular since its timeless style. Herringbone brings an extraordinary tile arrangement. It looks simple but gives a fancy design. Besides the kitchen, herringbone tiles are used in the bathroom as well. Furthermore, for herringbone tiles used in the kitchen, there are some ideas to apply. Choose between a diagonal or 90 degree herringbone pattern to the kitchen wall or floor. The diagonal pattern gives soft nuance, while the 90 degree pattern gives a modern and geometric vibe. You can use longer tile to give more unique and gorgeous arrangement. Playing with color is possible. You can use only two soft color tones to balance the kitchen wall paint. It s possible to use more than two colors as long as you can make a dynamic combination. On the other hands, you can also play with bold and light color. Combine them to be a cute herringbone pattern. Sometimes using contrast colors is exciting, such as bright yellow and soft tosca. You can use herringbone pattern for the floor. Match white paint for the wall with soft herringbone tiles to get warm and clean touch. There are 50 examples of herringbone designs below for your adorable kitchen. Find the one you love the most.


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