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53 Chic Winter Decor Ideas to Try Asap


The season which comes sometimes gives inspiration for the house owner to buy or even create DIY seasonal decoration. The decorations beautify the specific room or the whole house. Especially in winter, people like to have chic decoration to their house whether it is in the form of centerpieces, wreath, planters, chandeliers, etc. Are you looking for inspiration  winter decorations for your house?

Some winter decoration can be found at shops. There are various kinds of decoration you can choose to complete your house concept in winter. On the other hands, you can also get your desired decoration by on-line shops. What about making winter by ourselves? Is that possible? The answer is yes. We can make our winter DIY decoration by using our creativity and little effort on budget. Well, let’s take several examples of winter decorations. To welcome our guests, we can hang a wreath on the front door. We can make it from vines or buy at nearest stores. In the porch, it is possible to put smaller wreath or garland with white dominant color as snowy season. The living room is the right place to out more decoration. Having centerpieces on the table, on the fireplace, or on the cabinets is interesting enough. Mason jars are the usual decoration commonly used as the place to put a bunch of flowers, pine fruits, and green leaves. Just set them with or without wooden planters and decorate with ribbons or candles so that they look stunning. You are allowed to change your Christmas tree to be a decorated cool winter decoration. Put it on the corner of the living room and make it perfect with white glass balls and ribbon. Candles and chandeliers are must have items in winter. To give warmer touch in your decoration, candles is the key. You can simply put candles in chandeliers or in round glasses and put them on dining table, coffee table, or on the fireplace. The snowy idea can be your choice. You may totally upgrade your rooms in dominant white to represent the nuance of romantic winter, such as for the sofa, wall paint, and the rug. Check the pictures below to give you ideas in setting and decorate your dreamy winter house. Enjoy!


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