Winter is coming, guys! Let’s have some parties with all families and friends. To held a party, you need to consider whether it will be indoor or outdoor. Both indoor or outdoor party in winter are interesting enough actually. A good preparation is needed before held any events. One of the preparations is the seat set and its decoration.

If you get confused of decorating your seat set or dining table, you can choose centerpieces for the best idea. As winter comes, you can decorate it with winter nuance like all white, snowy theme, or flowery. First, pick flower vases, fill them with white flowers such as roses and lilies. You can modify them by inserting pine fruits and green leaves to get natural touch. Flowers always create a romantic dinner. As ornaments, flowers are successfully add warmth in every event. Then, you can also use candles with holders or chandeliers. A classic chandelier is totally amazing to make classy winter table decoration. A round glass can be your choice if you do not have chandeliers. Next, the idea of making centerpieces from mason jars makes your table becomes more rustic. Decorate them with pine fruits or white lilies and put them all in a planter to get modern yet romantic centerpieces. Winter decorations will not far from Christmas decorations. You just need to remodel or repaint your Christmas to be wonderful centerpieces. For example, you can pick glass Christmas balls and make them as the complements your centerpieces. A rattan square basket, round glasses with candles inside, and floral touch like flowers and leaves can be one of your solutions to make centerpieces. Check the following pictures to get some inspiration of centerpieces.


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