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56 Colorful Winter Planters for Your Outdoor Decorations

Colorful winter planters for your outdoor decorations 42

Winter comes after autumn before spring every year. Some people say it is the coldest season of the year. In winter, we have shorter day and longer night. Because of this cold weather, the plants also do adaptation to survive. Thus, there are some people like to decorate their home by putting planters. Planters usually are used in outdoor decoration, such as in the porch, outdoor bar, or patio.

The planters are the interesting smart idea to beautify your porch, patio, or other outdoor space. For those who are very into flowers, this idea will help you to make a more stunning outdoor decoration. There are variuos shape of planters which are fabulous to use. First, a planter with support will make you easier to maintan your plant. Its support will prop the growth of your plant. You may use this planter to plant tommatto, roses, and etc. Second, wooden square planters offers you a rustic theme but a unique shape. It will be your complement for your rustic home concept. The natural color of the wooden make a rustic style becomes more trendy. Third, the most commonly used is fluted planters. This elegant planters can be colored as your desired. The more colorful olanters you have, the more beautiful outdoor decoration you get. Similar with fluted planters, large round planters give a mpdern touch for you to plant flowers or other plants. You may use paint to make colorful planters. Besides, if you want to have one color for the planters, for example all white, you can plant green plants. Put them as outdoor decoration for minimalist home concept which look more natural yet elegant. One more interesting idea of planters is small square solar illuminated planters. Since it is available in some bright color, you can easily use them without painting them first. What makes them unique is that they shine brightly in the dark night as the color they bring. Other pictures of planters varians like a trough planters, tall round planters, planters with stands, and many more are presented below. Just find your favorite planters here and you are ready to decorate your outdoor space.

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