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49 Beautiful Winter Table Decoration Ideas for a Romantic Dinner


Some people think that winter makes romantic nuance. Though the weather is cold, but we can still have outdoor activities. Related to this condition, you have to consider how to reach warmth in every activities you do. If you are planing to have a romantic dinner with your partner in winter, there are some ideas to make the ambiance more romantic and unforgettable.

First of all, decide whether your dinner will be indoor or outdoor. Both are interesting. To be more expressive, you can choose outdoor dinner since the natural view will help you to make a romantic touch. Set a seat set for two with round or square table. For some couples they usually choose a round table since it makes them sit closer. You can held your dinner at home like in the patio, backyard, or in the beach on sandy place. Second, put some candles on classic holders. Just set the table simply with those candles then light them up to give a very romantic and dramatic ambiance. Third, there are two options you can choose, whether the table will be with tablecloth or not. Both does not really matter actually. If you choose to have a tablecloth, you can choose dominant white or beige color, plain or pattern tablecloth is nice. These two colors are popular since they create a warmth. On the other hands, if you choose to have no tablecloth, it goes well as long as you can set the table with some ornaments like centerpieces or a bunch of flowers in a vase. Roses, especially red and white roses are the most commonly chosen since they are elegant enough to complete romantic dinner. The setting of plates, glasses, or spoon and fork completed by napkins are important. Just set them neatly and interestingly so that it will add the mood to have a dinner. There are more than forty table decorations below that may be your inspirations to make a romantic dinner. Hope you love them.


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