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51 Cozy Master Bathroom Decor Ideas


Bathroom as the place to relax and refresh your body and soul need to be designed as cozy as possible since it can’t be denied that it takes an important role for an occupancy. Especially for the master bathroom where you can have more freedom to make it cozy because it must be have a wider space than the common bathroom. The point that you need to understand well of a bathroom concept is that it may important to make the bathroom looks pretty, but it won’t be only about the aesthetic thing but also the perfect plan of a room that will bring out a positive support, cozy ambience, calming, and healthy with an enough air circulation and natural lighting. You should make sure that the natural lighting can cover your bathroom to keep it dry because the humid environment can bring out germ and bacteria which is not good for your health.

Back to the master bathroom, since it is more special than the other bathroom, then you should make it extra with some luxurious things. You could bring the luxurious into the lighting with an expensive chandelier on Victorian style. The glass wall also can give you rich impression that combined with some different textures and materials to create a dramatic look for your bathroom. For the flooring you can choose the one with the best quality without ignoring the material where you should choose the one that is not slippery. Choose the color scheme for your bathroom to take control of the decoration keep in line. The gold or silver color will work well to bring the luxurious impression. Make a harmony between the wall color, floor, and furniture to get the perfect bathroom look. The following pictures are the examples of the cozy and pretty master bathroom that you can adapt. Please look at the rest of this page. Enjoy!


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